5 Killers Way How to Make Your Blog More Attractive (Infographic)


Creating valuable content is one of the most important tasks of any marketer and blogging should be a top priority for B2B marketers. 67% more leads get marketers that use blogs than those who don’t. 81% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from blogs and 60% of users feel more positive about a company after reading the company blog.

With the current overfilled blog marketing space, it can be very difficult to stand out from the crowd and build an online audience that is engaged with your brand. How to create the blog more attractive and get more traffic?

Start with these easy tips to improve your company blog.

  1. Write About Proven Topics
    Find the popular topics that are proven to drive results and write even better posts. Then you can share it with the same people who promoted it. How to find a popular content? Search on Google for your keyword + “best 2017″ or “top 100”. Buzzsumo, Quora and Reddit are another great ways how to find trending topics.
  2. Create Catchier Headline
    Potential readers won’t click to read your post if your headlines aren’t compelling and it doesn’t matter how good your content is. Use target a keyword with high search volume to gets more traffic. People are inherently attracted to numbers, so don’t forget to include numbers in your headline.
  3. Use Scannable Formatting
    The readers of your blog will not read the entire post from beginning to end, they will skim it to get the gist of it. Make your content scannable by writing short paragraphs, adding subheadings or using bullet points. You can also use images to break up content.
  4. Ask Experts to Guest Post
    You can improve the quality of your blog by offering guest posts to others, ideally experts in your industry. It will boost your credibility and drive new traffic to your site.
  5. Post an Infographic
    Instead of posts, you can create infographics, which combine valuable data with visuals in a way that’s easy to understand. One of the popular types of infographics that get more shares are Educational, Timelines, Do’s & Don’ts, Comparison or Process.