5 Types of Visual Content You Need for Your Marketing Campaigns (Infographic)

visual content infographic

Every day you can see lots of new content produced by users and brands. Whatever content you create, it will have a lot of competition. You need significantly improve the chances of your content standing out and catch the eye of your audience. The best pick is visual content.

Scientific research shows that we process visual content within 1/10 of a second. 65% of people are visual learners and 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual. Studies have shown that posts with visual content are much more popular and receive more shares or likes. Visuals engage users much more than just text content and they will also communicate a powerful brand message.

visual content marketing campaign

What types of visual content should you use in your marketing campaign?

  1. Images
    A large body of a text might cause readers to simply abandon your content. Split your text with some compelling images to keep your audience attention. Studies showed 94% more views get articles with images than those without. Articles with an image once every 75-100 words receive 2x more shares than articles with fewer images.
  2. Videos
    The video is a perfect format to present solutions that products or services can offer. The web is a full of tools that can help you to create a professionally-looking video. A recent study by Moz shows that posts with videos receive nearly 300% more inbound links.
  3. Infographics
    Data visualization allow you communicate a bit overwhelming message in an attractive and readable way. 323x better people following directions with illustrations. The designer must combine the right shape, graphs, charts, colors, and fonts to make your content shareable.
  4. Increase Social Media Engagement
    Infographics receive 3x more are shared and liked on social media than other types of content. It makes them a very effective way to generate more subscribers and followers on your social media pages.
  5. Presentation
    Sharing your presentation with the world via sites like SlideShare, dramatically expand the outreach of your business. Many marketers are already uploading their content on SlideShare to reach a new audience. Create a quality presentation with a lot of insightful content and you are guaranteed a high shareability.
  6. Screenshots
    Nothing works better for a clear instruction than screenshots accompanying your posts. A how-to guide without the screenshots will never be as interesting as one which visually shows every step of the process. Screenshots can be also beneficial as a trust-building tool. You can use them to capture customers review from the forum or social media.

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