6 Last-Minute Tips To Maximize eCommerce Sales During Christmas (Infographic)

ecommerce christmas sales

Even with Christmas around the corner, online retailers can still make a few tweaks that will maximise sales and improve the customer experience. Make sure you keep eyes to follow all of these tactics that can help you get the attention of last-minute shoppers.

ecommerce sales

  1. Offer Free Shipping
    Free delivery removes a major barrier to impulse purchases. Encourage shoppers to spend more by requiring a minimum purchase for free shipping. The survey revealed that 58% customers will increase the order value to qualify for a free shipping threshold.
  2. Guaranteed Delivery Day
    People want to be sure that delivery will be in time for Christmas. Include clear information about last delivery dates before Christmas..
  3. Offer Extended Returns
    Extend returns periods beyond the usual time limit to satisfy customer expectations and allow recipient return an unwanted gift after Christmas.
  4. Make Return Policies Visible
    63% of customers read the return policy before making a purchase. Offer them a hassle-free policy, easy return policy and make easy to find.
  5. Offer Gift Wrapping
    It can be a deal breaker for people who are useless at wrapping. Highlight wrapping options clearly to encourage purchases.
  6. Holiday Deals
    Encourage shoppers to spend more money on a last-minute bargain and use time-limited specials and discounts.