4 Tips to Increase Email Engagement with Personalization (Infographic)

Email Engagement

With the volume of email that your audience receives, traditional batch-and-blast tactics will likely get your emails, ignored, deleted or reported as spam. 205 billion emails are sent every day and 88% of smartphone users actively check email on their phones.

Only 5% of companies across all industries personalize email extensively. Personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%.

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How to deliver higher transaction rates?

        1. Ask the right questions
          Targeted personalized messages increase customer engagement to at least 74 percent. It all starts with your sign up form. Ask them right questions is an effective way to segment your audience. Find out their name, company, location, reasons for visiting your website or becoming a user. It gives you insightful data for sending targeted emails.
        2. Segment your subscribers
          Marketers have noted a 760% increase in revenue from segmented campaigns. Don’t treat all contacts the same! Create segmented lists in accordance with certain criteria, like location, industry, company size or spending habits. It will allow you to personalize the content you send to each segment.
        3. Utilize Personalization Token
          A personalization token is a code that tells the software to insert a piece of information from your database. Successful personalization strategy is about more than greeting your recipient by their first name. Use a contact’s company name, industry, job title or other information that can bring a personal touch to your email content.
        4. Send from real person
          The goal of personalization is create emails that feel as if they are sent specifically from one individual to another. The person who sent you an email is probably one of the main determinants of whether you open it. The sender signals whether you should care and whether you can trust the message. 64% of subscribers say they are likely to read your email because of who it’s from.